The historical legacy of a crossroads

La Rioja is a land historically marked by a crossroads, cultures and civilizations. The result of this heritage is a legacy worthy of knowing


Just a few kilometers from Ezcaray, in San Millán de la Cogolla, is the Cradle of Castilian Language. In the small Monastery of Suso, the first words of a language spoken today by 400 million people in the world were written.

A little further down, in the valley, the imposing Monastery of Yuso has become a world reference in the study of a language that unites peoples.

The architectural richness of this area remains closely linked to history and the Camino de Santiago, which runs through La Rioja in the direction of Burgos. Santo de la Domingo de la Calzada and its cathedral, with its free tower, is a sign of devotion towards the pilgrims towards Santiago de Compostela.

And throughout the region, Romanesque art left its mark with multiple hermitages that dot valleys, mountains, hillsides and villages in several tens of kilometers around.


Ezcaray is a municipality of just 2,000 inhabitants in winter, which multiplies its population by ten during the summer. It is a solidary town with an important cultural activity fostered by the numerous associations that exist in the municipality.

The International Jazz Festival of Ezcaray floods the town every year in mid-July. After twenty editions have passed, the festival is one of the unmissable events on the jazz circuits of northern Spain.

The same goes for Ezcaray Fest, a new-found meeting that barely a week after the Jazz Festival brings a large group of young (and less young) people to the town.

In both cases, the concerts are not limited to fixed scenarios (there are), but both programs consider Ezcaray as a stage in itself, offering performances in multiple corners of the town.

Mycological Days, which have already passed the silver wedding, are another meeting point, already in autumn. On its two weekends (riding between October and November) it becomes the epicenter of Spain’s mycological activity and turns Ezcaray into an enchanted forest that further proclaims its unique beauty.