Francis, José Félix and Marisa, fifth generation of the family,
tackle the transition to the XXI century.


In 1898, Pedro García and Andrea Echaurren decide to remodel their old coach house that served as a refueling stop for carriages. The imminent arrival of the railroad forced them to anticipate to the future, to refocus their business and where they had previously housed the stables and carriages, decided to install a dining hall taking advantage of the culinary virtues of aunt Andrea. With them, started this culinary tradition and hospitality that has endured for five generations.

Marisa and Félix, the fourth generation of the family, won top awards for their restaurant, including the National Gastronomy Award for Best Head Chef in 1987.

Now their sons Francis, José Felix and Marisa, fifth generation of the family, have successfully made the transition to the twenty-first century, widening the culinary and experiential offer, which includes, besides the recently renovated hotel and restaurant Echaurren Tradición, a bistro, El Cuartito, a gastrobar, Tapas Bar and a creative cuisine restaurant, El Portal, that was the first restaurant to get a Michelin star in the history of La Rioja. Since November 2013, they hold two Michelin stars, which places it among the best gastronomic restaurants in Spain.