Origins of this house

Echaurren Tradición is part of the Riojan traditional cooking history. That merit is from our mother, Marisa Sánchez. She has gathered and managed to transmit to the menu of this restaurant, a bundle of unforgettable recipes, which are the best legacy a mother can leave to her children. The croquettes, the chickpea stew, the beans, the puree or the vegetable stew, the fish soup, the lamb legs, the meatballs or the lamb with sauce make a large number of faithful customers come back caught by her cuisine of taste and memory.

Nowadays, the menu of the restaurant Echaurren Tradición is nourished by all those unforgettable recipes we just mentioned. But also from some dishes of our restaurant El Portal, which naturally get mixed with the classics of our mother’s recipe book. This allows us make this recipes, that were born as avant-garde, but have managed to consolidate, last forever. To our restaurant Tradición will only arrive those dishes that deserve the honor and the right to become classics and to appear in the menu of the Echaurren.


"My mother is a great woman and those who know her can attest what I say. Working with a mother is something that very few can afford. I've had that luck and I am immensely privileged for it. She occupies an important place in this house, as it could not be otherwise, it's our tribute to those who have been able to transmit the love for cooking and for the products of this land."

National Gastronomy Award to the Best Chef in 1987 and Medal to the Merit of Labor in 2008. She has directed this kitchen until a few years ago and continues alongside us, helping us with advice and experience. When she shows up in the kitchen and starts to talk, all the cookers take notes.


Echaurren Tradición closes for weekly rest on Sunday nights, except during July and August, when the Restaurant won’t close any day of the week.

Closed for holidays: from December 16th to 26th.